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Here at precise we believe in having a wide variety of treatment modalities to assist you in the best way we can, what may work for someone else might not work for you. it is our job to find the treatment that you need to take your recovery to the next level and optimise your health.

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An adjustment is the primary tool a chiropractor uses to treat biomechanical joint problems.

An adjustment is directed through a restricted joint to achieve the desired motion of joint. This is usually accompanied with an audible "pop" sound.

Through adjustments, we help rewire the connection between the joint and nervous system, which helps to reduce pain, improve joint range of motion and optimise joint health.



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Cupping therapy involves the application of suction cups on the skin for areas of increased muscular tension.

Cupping is a great way to promote blood flow to the area, reduce inflammation and provide a massage relaxation feeling to the muscles



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HIJAMA is an ancient holistic type of treatment that involves the application of suction cups onto the skin similar to dry cupping.

However, in addition to cupping it involves making small incisions on the skin to allow intramuscular blood to exit the muscle into the cup.

HIJAMA is an excellent therapy to reduce inflammation, promote blood flow to the site, detox and much more.



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Dry Needling is a technique that is performed by a well-trained physical therapist, which involves the insertion of a thin filament needle into a muscle trigger point.


The aim is to elicit a "twitch response" which helps in releasing the target muscle. It is a great way to improve the length of the muscle, promote blood flow and reduce pain levels.



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